DramaJocks July 8, 2011 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #82: In the Middle of Everything

The baseball season just passed the mid-point, and by show time next week, we will have completed the all-star game.  How are the Twins and Brewers grading, and what should they do to make a push in the second half?

The NFL lockout languishes on with virtually no news.  There are a few off-the-field tidbits to discuss here and there…

The NHL free agent season is in force, and the Wild are making moves.  Analysis here!

The US women’s soccer team booted one against Sweden, so they will likely wait to meet the juggernaut that is Brazil in the next round…

Plenty of twiddling and time-killing to do around the sporting scene for sure, but no more waiting for the podcast.  Take an hour, and enjoy.