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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #84: Let’s Make a Deal

As we went to tape on Thursday evening, the NFL owners were signing off on the new collective bargaining agreement, leaving the ball in the players’ court, and pointing to a likely end of the NFL lockout in the next few days.  What are personnel situations going to look like around the NFC Central division as we begin a rapid-fire “off-season”?

Josh recaps the Women’s World Cup final and offers his opinions of where things went awry for the US team…

One week into a defining road trip for the Milwaukee Brewers, and a defining homestand for the Twins yields… no answers whatsoever.  The Twins are looking pretty solid and staying within striking distance in the AL Central, but a weekend series loss to the division-leading Tigers could change things.  Meanwhile, the Brewers have played a solid .500 through the first 8 of this 11-game NL West swing, but if they can’t scrounge up a win or two in San Francisco, things won’t look as rosy on the plane ride home.

It’s gonna take you around 69 minutes to listen to this, and yes — that was on purpose.