DramaJocks September 16, 2011 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #92: Too Early for Declarations

Despite what the national media would have you believe, nothing of substance was “settled” in Week 1 in the NFL, and it never is at this early stage.  Our prognostications yielded just a little better than a .500 record overall, and that sounds about right, following an unusual off-season, and an accelerated training camp.

Are the Colts finished?  Not hardly.  The Bears contenders?  We’ll see.  The Lions a can’t-miss playoff team?  Too early to say.  There are a lot of variables left, and 16 more weeks of football to go.

Nothing decided for the Brewers yet, either, and while my demeanor remains calm, Josh is ready to have a heart attack.

All this and more in another giant-size SportsCast, delivered to you this afternoon.  Enjoy!