DramaJocks October 14, 2011 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #96: It’s Not Looking Good

Josh and I get started with a lament for the Brewers starting pitching.  Other than Yovanni Gallardo, no Brewers starter has had a stand-out performance here in the post-season, and it’s threatening to end the season despite the home field advantage that they carried in to the NLCS (of course, since the recording of the ‘cast, Randy Wolf looked fantastic in the Brewers’ Game 4 victory).  We speculate a bit on the reasons for this dramatic shift in fortune, but I think we finally agree: we’re at a point that you can only hope for the best from the players on the field.  Too late to make a ton of changes…

It was a sour week in pro sports for Josh, of course, with the Brewers losing two in a row, and the Bears getting thumped in a sloppy contest at Ford Field.  Wait, the Lions are 5-0???  What is this world we are living in..?

All your standard prognostication follows, and you can keep up with the picks and standings by following that link just to the right on the blog.

Have a good time with the show… see you at Miller Park on Sunday!