Week 12 Picks

Photo by: Roger Deetz

Happy Thanksgiving, friends in the US!  And to the rest of you, enjoy your Thursday.  Due to the holiday, no show this week, but please enjoy the picks.

VisitorHomeDayTimeJOSH (99-60)JASON (94-65)JOE (94-65)JASON'S MOTHER-IN-LAW (102-57)
Eagles@LionsThursday12:30 PM ETDET*DET*DET*DET*
Panthers@CowboysThursday4:30 PM ETDALCAR*DALDAL
Bears@PackersThursday8:30 PM ETGBGBGBGB
Saints@TexansSunday1:00 PM ETHOU*HOU*NOHOU*
Rams@BengalsSunday1:00 PM ETCIN*CIN*CIN*CIN*
Vikings@FalconsSunday1:00 PM ETATLATLATLATL
Giants@RedskinsSunday1:00 PM ETWAS*NYGNYGNYG
Buccaneers@ColtsSunday1:00 PM ETTBTBTBIND*
Bills@ChiefsSunday1:00 PM ETKC*KC*KC*KC*
Raiders@TitansSunday1:00 PM ETOAK*OAK*OAK*OAK*
Chargers@JaguarsSunday1:00 PM ETSD*JACJACJAC
Dolphins@JetsSunday1:00 PM ETMIANYJ*NYJ*NYJ*
Cardinals@49ersSunday4:05 PM ETARI*ARI*ARI*ARI*
Steelers@SeahawksSunday4:25 PM ETSEA*SEA*SEA*SEA*
Patriots@BroncosSunday8:30 PM ETNEDEN*NENE
Ravens@BrownsMonday8:30 PM ETCLECLECLECLE
* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)9-7 (108-67)10-6 (104-71)7-9 (101-74)9-7 (111-65)
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