Week 6, 2015 Picks

Photo by: whiskeyandtears

Sorry for the lack of a show two weeks running.  But, if you take a look at a few of my picks, you can tell that I’m clearly running a fever.  Plan to be back with you next week.  *cough-cough* *phlegm*

VisitorHomeDateTimeJOSH (50-26)JASON (50-26)JOE (46-30)JASON'S MOTHER-IN-LAW (52-24)
Falcons@SaintsOctober 15th8:25 PM ETATLATLATLATL
Redskins@JetsOctober 18th1:00 PM ETNYJ*NYJ*NYJ*NYJ*
Cardinals@SteelersOctober 18th1:00 PM ETARIPIT*ARIARI
Chiefs@VikingsOctober 18th1:00 PM ETMIN*MIN*KCMIN*
Bengals@BillsOctober 18th1:00 PM ETCIN*BUFCIN*CIN*
Bears@LionsOctober 18th1:00 PM ETDET*DET*DET*DET*
Broncos@BrownsOctober 18th1:00 PM ETDEN*DEN*DEN*DEN*
Texans@JaguarsOctober 18th1:00 PM ETHOU*JACJACHOU*
Dolphins@TitansOctober 18th1:00 PM ETTENTENTENMIA*
Panthers@SeahawksOctober 18th4:05 PM ETSEASEASEASEA
Chargers@PackersOctober 18th4:25 PM ETGB*GB*GB*GB*
Ravens@49ersOctober 18th4:25 PM ETSF*BALBALBAL
Patriots@ColtsOctober 18th8:30 PM ETNE*NE*NE*NE*
Giants@EaglesOctober 19th8:30 PM ETPHI*NYGPHI*PHI*
BYES: DAL, OAK, STL, TB* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)10-4 (60-30)7-7 (57-33)7-7 (53-37)10-4 (62-28)
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