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Obama the Brianiac

A post from Andrew Keen on 11/25 talks about the difference in “branding” the Obama campaign versus the Obama administration.  I think that the Big O’s people have shown they know PR well enough to sell Obama 2.0 to everyone who ate up the first version… Of course, I thought of what the criticism from […]

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Podcast #5 – Don't Get Technical With Me

Kyle and I talked about a number of technology-driven stories, and it’s hard not to touch on the economy these days: Is the “new American frugality” worth talking about?  Are we even close to the proverbial bottom of our economic crisis? Barack Obama will be (if not our first) our most-wired president yet.  What does […]

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“The New American Frugality”

Got some interesting assessments/perspectives today on what is or will be happening on “Main Street” in response to our economic hard times: from the AP, The New Frugality: Americans return to thriftiness from Andrew Keen, The cultural crisis of capitalism from the New York Times (which Keen references), The Formerly Middle Class Does the conversation […]