Spider-Man and His Amazing Fans December 9, 2021 Jason Bock No comments

Spidey 94, Episode 1: Night of the Lizard

We’ve all made it! We’re here, starting what is arguably the most quintessential Spider-Man animated series of them all, which we will affectionately call Spidey 94. This iteration has plenty of familiar faces from the webslinger’s earliest days, but also no shortage of popular contemporary characters pulled straight out of the Marvel comics’ canon. We […]

Spider-Man and His Amazing Fans November 5, 2021 Jason Bock No comments

Amazing Friends, Episode 24: Mission: Save the GUARDSTAR

It’s the final episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. We learn that Bobby Drake has a mutant half-sister, Lightwave, and that she has apparently turned against her former compatriots at S.H.I.E.L.D., with the intention of sabotaging and stealing the world communication satellite, the GUARDSTAR. What a ride through these early 80s iterations of Spider-Man! […]