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#336: All Golf, All the Time

The silky sounds of Jason and Todd at your service this week to talk NFL off-season, NBA 2nd-half, MLB preseason, and all the things that come along with them: like bourbon.  And not a word about golf.  Go figure. Jam it in your ear hole and enjoy. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (36.4MB) […]

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#297: Inglorious

We had some time off, but we’ve returned.  Lots to get to in this week’s show, with the end of 28 teams’ football seasons, not to mention the fantasy league, the coaching shuffles, etc., etc.  More than I can even express.  Get on this mother. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (38.8MB) Subscribe: RSS […]

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#287: Pulled a Slotten

The Drama Jocks’ fantasy league welcomed a new member this week.  Meanwhile, my fantasy team looks utterly devoid of trade-able commodities.  But, the beat of the real games goes on.  We’ve got a recap of the Packers’ Monday night affair, a review of the Bears fire sale currently ramping up, and of course, all the […]

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#284: All the Names

Week 1 is always a tough call.  How can you say for sure what’s going to happen in the ever-changing, parity-driven landscape of the National Football League?  We still make a go of it, and to that end we present you with this: our picks for the first week of the 2015 season. We also […]

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#263: Boom Goes the Dynamite

Josh and I dial in for a hoops-dominated show this week, as the Thursday afternoon games are in progress… Some brackets have probably already been busted, by the likes of UAB, Georgia State, or UCLA.  And most assuredly, more are to come.  We break down the current state of affairs and focus on the prospects […]