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#366: Watching With Your Eyes Closed

The NFL is what it is, we’re about a third of the way through the season, the Packers looked horrible last week, the Bears (WTF??) are leading the NFC North, yada-yada-yada.  This is all well and good, and trust me, you will find all the prognostication you like in this episode. But the focus of […]

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#365: How These Things Go

We returned. It’s NFL season again, but nobody told me until moments before kickoff of last Sunday night’s game, so forgive us for missing Week 1.  Sometimes that happens. Speaking of Sunday night, Josh and I get to talking about that game between the Packers and Bears that happened up at Lambeau, and my faithful […]

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#348: Two Words – Michael Crabtree

Yours truly and Joshua Barrington Schneider XVI with you on this week’s big prognostication extravaganza for Week 1 of the 2017 NFL season.  Address burning questions like: What does Josh really think about the management in his beloved Chicago?  What was I thinking in this year’s fantasy draft?  Is Week 1 too early for a […]

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#340: When Are the Mets Calling Up Tebow?

It’s R.C. Lorch, the K-Bear, and myself this week for a joyful exploration of the just-underway NHL and NBA post-seasons, how you solve a problem like #12’s girlfriend, sleeping on couches in Europe, and the New York Mets’ #1 prospect (in our hearts). Diggit, homies. https://bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks041317.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (33.5MB) Subscribe: Apple […]

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#336: All Golf, All the Time

The silky sounds of Jason and Todd at your service this week to talk NFL off-season, NBA 2nd-half, MLB preseason, and all the things that come along with them: like bourbon.  And not a word about golf.  Go figure. Jam it in your ear hole and enjoy. https://bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks022217.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (36.4MB) […]

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#333: Betting Trifecta

Three Green Bay golden boys on the virtual waves of Basically-a-Series-of-Tubes here this week, anxious to review the Packers playoff performance up to this point, and then offer our take on what’s to come for conference championship weekend. I will say this: all parties involved will feel like the Packers have righted the ship and […]

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#315: The Family Gun Shop

We’ve got a Bocko and a K-Bear this week, assessing the Packers’ status after one preseason game (before last night’s contest vs. the Raiders), taking a look at some select events in the Olympics, and trying to figure out Frankfurt football (i.e., soccer). Enjoy your weekends, friends. https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks081816.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (25.5MB) […]

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#282: A Pace of a Different Race

Well, so right after we had a pleasant discussion last week about the relevance of the NFL’s preseason, the Packers had to go out make a real-life demonstration of that very situation.  So, is the preseason worth it?  We decide the answer to this question definitively, concretely, and decisively ((we actually do no such thing, […]

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#254: My Sweet Bobo

Josh, Joe and I recount the feelings that Packers fans, Cowboys fans, and the rest of the league are having, respectively, following a tense divisional playoff round at Lambeau.  We do our best to compare with the last time the issue reared its head. On the other side, are the reports of Peyton’s demise exaggerated? […]