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#368: Love Thy Enemy

First-time listeners to the program would likely be confused about whose team was whose in this episode: both Josh and I have harsh words for our favored NFL teams, and see a bleak final 5 games ahead, while the other(‘s) is peaches and rose pedals. We also get into it on the early part of […]

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#359: Waiting for Some Odds

Schneider has the week off to deal with some Old Man Problems, but that means friend of the show Todd Lucas comes on board to dispense his opinions and regale us with his gambling exploits.  It makes for a good time, wherein we focus most of all on the Badgers football team, and the Packers […]

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#358: Hat Rack

As Josh would point out, out respective NFL rooting interests have not done much to encourage us in the last several weeks.  That being the case, we get the thing started this week by feeling good about the 12-0 Wisconsin Badgers being headed to the Big Ten title game on Saturday in Indianapolis, with a […]

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#340: When Are the Mets Calling Up Tebow?

It’s R.C. Lorch, the K-Bear, and myself this week for a joyful exploration of the just-underway NHL and NBA post-seasons, how you solve a problem like #12’s girlfriend, sleeping on couches in Europe, and the New York Mets’ #1 prospect (in our hearts). Diggit, homies. https://bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks041317.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (33.5MB) Subscribe: Apple […]

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#339: Stab My Heart With a Gravy Spoon

Todd Jefferson Lucas is with me on this week’s show to go over the Badgers’ tournament ouster from last week, and to look ahead to what might be possible in the near future for the Bucks and Brewers.  Also, talk of Todd becoming a bona fide Bears fan??  Not lying.  You’ll have to listen and […]

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#338: He’s My Realtor

Fooled you. This ep basically got flushed down the digital toilet due the silent conspiracies of our technology.  We did our best to tease out the important bits via voicemail after the fact, though.  If you have particularly troublesome bowel movement on the horizon, you’ll have time to listen to these five minutes. Stay tuned […]

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#301: In the Parlance of Our Times

New time slot, same hot drama jockin’ action.  Josh, Joe, and I are chatting this week about the MLB spring training, Matt Forte, the upcoming college hoops post-season, Kobe vs. Michael, and the NHL season entering the proverbial homestretch. Join us, won’t you? https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks022516.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (30.4MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | […]

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#295: No Words

For your benefit and mine, we are all shutting up about the new Star Wars movie until next week, or tomorrow, whichever comes first.  In the meantime, sports. https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks121615.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (36.7MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

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#284: All the Names

Week 1 is always a tough call.  How can you say for sure what’s going to happen in the ever-changing, parity-driven landscape of the National Football League?  We still make a go of it, and to that end we present you with this: our picks for the first week of the 2015 season. We also […]