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#368: Love Thy Enemy

First-time listeners to the program would likely be confused about whose team was whose in this episode: both Josh and I have harsh words for our favored NFL teams, and see a bleak final 5 games ahead, while the other(‘s) is peaches and rose pedals. We also get into it on the early part of […]

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#345: Just Run Him Outta Town

Once a sports icon is used up, that’s what you do, right?  As our colleague Joe is fond of saying, “fuck that guy.” Welcome back, by the way.  Hope your summer has been swell.  In this ‘hood, we’re still holding a candle for the Milwaukee baseball squad, and during the course of this show, we’re […]

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#304: Sporadacus

Hi there, how are you?  We’ve got a pod thing here for ya, four short weeks after the last one. Since it’s tough to play catch up, Josh and I just jump right in: checking up on the status of the Milwaukee Brewers after 7 games, we look ahead to what the Golden State Warriors […]

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#299: Chumps & Assh*les

Josh and I man the virtual waves of air this week, and we get into it about the movement of various Brewers’ players and personnel over the last several weeks, the state of affairs in each conference of the NBA, Josh’s reasoning for being lax in his attention to the NHL, and… damn: what else […]

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#273: Something You Eat After Dinner

This week’s Drama Jocks program is a little truncated, but that’s all the better for you, who should be enjoying the outdoors this fine weekend.  Before you get to that, though, give us a listen to get Josh’s take on the coaching change for the Chicago Bulls,  some predictions for this year’s NBA Finals, an […]

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#272: Phil Garner’s Mustache Has a Mustache

It’s a beautiful day here in the upper Midwest.  It makes it difficult to want to blog or cast any pods about anything, but we carry on and do our duty here at the Drama Jocks. Wanna talk baseball?  Alright sir. Got some thoughts on the NBA playoffs, and the recent draft lottery?  We’ve got […]