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#324: The Nutpacker Suite

Green Bay got some shit together in the second half of their “ballet uniform” game against Chicago.  Not enough to convince me and the K-Bear just yet.  Interesting things abound elsewhere in the league, too, with the likes of the Panthers, Cardinals, Seahawks, and even the Cowboys (I can’t believe we said complimentary things about […]

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#323: Throw It Better

Myself and the K-Bear join you for this week’s program, where we find ourselves having to chat ad nauseam about the plight of the Packers and how to begin to dream up a fix, particularly with your top three cornerbacks and top two halfbacks now missing. Outside of that, we look at what happened last […]

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#321: Cads and Posting

Belated, sure, but the conversation about the first game of the NFL Euro series for the 2016 season remains relevant.  Suck it up, bee-otch. https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks100516.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (35.0MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

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#317: Triple Zone Coverage

Representing three distinct time zones around the globe this week, we humbly bring you these, our Week 1 NFL prognostications.  Prior to that, we critique a pair of roster decisions in the NFC North: the Packers cutting Josh Sitton, the Vikings giving up a king’s ransom for Sam Bradford. It’ll be some kind of season, […]

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#297: Inglorious

We had some time off, but we’ve returned.  Lots to get to in this week’s show, with the end of 28 teams’ football seasons, not to mention the fantasy league, the coaching shuffles, etc., etc.  More than I can even express.  Get on this mother. https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks_012016.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (38.8MB) Subscribe: Apple […]

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#296: Chicken for Everyone

Since this is the first Drama Jocks’ show post-Force Awakens, we have to start off with a few of Josh’s questions.  Please don’t be deterred, the football conversation resumes as normal in short order. Speaking of short order, that’s about how long until the Packers get bounced from the playoffs, despite this Sunday night’s outcome. […]

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#294: Player-Con

I dunno how this happened, but I got the K-Bear to willingly talk about baseball for five minutes at the start of this thing.  That alone should convince you to listen.  Beyond that, it’s your typical helping of NFL prognosticating, heavy on review of last week’s stunning Packers victory. Be well, ye merry gentlemen (and […]

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#293: Separate But Equal Locker Rooms

We come down off the Thanksgiving bloating just in time to do it again with Green Bay and Detroit.  The K-Bear and I are disturbed, confused, befuddled, rendered speechless, or any number of any euphemisms you can think of to say we don’t know what to think about the once-mighty Packers offense.  Josh counsels patience […]

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#276: Ol’ Dangly Pants

It’s going to be a long summer if these baseball teams don’t do something interesting.  At least we could count on the St. Louis Cardinals to do their best Patriots impression this week and give us something to rant about. Of course we’ve got the wrap-up of the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, and even […]