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#272: Phil Garner’s Mustache Has a Mustache

It’s a beautiful day here in the upper Midwest.  It makes it difficult to want to blog or cast any pods about anything, but we carry on and do our duty here at the Drama Jocks. Wanna talk baseball?  Alright sir. Got some thoughts on the NBA playoffs, and the recent draft lottery?  We’ve got […]

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#270: Look At the Size of Those Balls

Sometimes it’s just unbelievable. Still, we Drama Jocks like to think we’ve seen most everything you could think of, ball-wise.  There’s even that story I could tell you about the men’s room at a shitty bar in Stevens Point… But anyway: plenty to discuss regarding the Brew Crew and their recent change in management, the […]

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#269: Eighty-Five and Fifty-Five

That’s all it’s gonna take, folks: if the Milwaukee Brewers can just go 85-55 the rest of the way (a .607 clip), they’ll have a *good chance* of getting into MLB’s post-season come October.  We humbly suggest that you continue to breathe regularly. Beyond the baseball chatter, we talk NBA playoffs (in advance of the […]

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#267: Regina Vulvas

It’s the start of the post-season in two of your four major American pro sports — we’ve got you covered with our thoughts and some vague prognostications. You’ll also learn: what makes Canada so great; what would make it better; why St. Louis is a pit; what redeeming qualities St. Louis has; how and why […]

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#252: A Second Season

The K-Bear and I get down to the business of dissecting Week 17 of the NFL season, and offer our quite thoroughly educated guesses for the outcomes of Wildcard Weekend. Oh, and we mention the Milwaukee Bucks, too. Feel better, Herr Schneider.  And a very Happy New Year to you all! https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks010115.mp3Podcast: Play in new […]

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#251: Yuletide Showdown

With the holiday week in full force, we didn’t have a chance to get together live and in-person, but we do have a collection of recorded thoughts as we head into the all-important Week 17 in the NFL. Do we think that Green Bay wins the NFC North?  You bet we do.  Do we see […]

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#240: Suicide Seats (NFL 2014 Week 6)

Strap yourselves in. We’ve got a little preseason NHL prognostication coming your way, prior to our typical NFL fare.  As usual, Josh declares the death of the Chicago Bears season (look for it again next week).  And speaking of the death of certain teams, did we call the Patriots too early?  Brady MAAAA-AD!  Meanwhile in […]

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#237: SVU (NFL 2014 Week 3)

Josh and I open the show with a little Brewers chatter: the PDCs with Brevard and Biloxi were renewed on Wednesday, but Nashville chose to dance with somebody else.  The team eeked out an extra-innings victory on Tuesday, and our show taped a few hours before they dropped a close one to the Cards on […]

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#233: The King of the Three Rivers

We’re back to full-strength on this week’s podcast, and none too soon. There’s just a paltry smattering of news coming out of NFL training camps so far, but the big talker on the football side relates to Ray Rice.  As fans, we seem to put up with a lot of abhorrent behavior from these players, […]