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#216: The Shrug

Hey, Twins fans – at least you’ve got the All-Star Game this summer. On this week’s show, we have to open it up with the bevvy of upsets that exemplified the first two (fine — three) rounds of the NCAA Men’s hoops Tournament.  With my bracket having been utterly destroyed by the performances of Duke, […]

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#195: Waiting for the Man

Going old school this week on the Jocks, Josh and I got our freak on with just the two of us.  That means a healthy smattering of sporty action, as we put the World Series and the baseball season to bed (way to go, GoGo), and hopefully wake the deer in Milwaukee from their slumber. […]

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#194: Whack-a-Mole

Injuries hit the NFL like crazy this past weekend, and teams have scrambled to come up with short-term and long-term fixes, all the while hoping another one doesn’t pop up. Josh and I open the show with a little World Series chatter, but I explain why I will not be watching it.  At all.  Later […]

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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #91: 2011 NFL Preview

The sport that brought this show to life two years ago returns in this week’s edition.  Before delving into our big-picture projections for the new football season, Josh and I discuss the state of the Brewers and how things are looking as they push toward the playoffs. The toughest call for me tonight will be: […]