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#358: Hat Rack

As Josh would point out, out respective NFL rooting interests have not done much to encourage us in the last several weeks.  That being the case, we get the thing started this week by feeling good about the 12-0 Wisconsin Badgers being headed to the Big Ten title game on Saturday in Indianapolis, with a […]

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#356: That’s a Good Move

Herr Schneider and I dive into the Week 9 NFL picks, which you simply can’t do without talking over the flurry of horse-trading that happened prior to this week’s games.  Some teams deciding to “go for it” in 2017, others planning for the future, but all in their own little ways affecting the landscape of […]

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#353: Show Us What You’ve Got

Yours truly and consummate prognosticator J.B. Schneider here with you today to talk over what was from Week 4, and what shall be in Week 5.  Here at the quarter-season point, a lot of folks like to think they know what they’ve got for this season in an NFL football team.  We are starting to […]

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#349: Everything You Said Is Delicious

Last week’s records: Todd, 10-5; Jason, 10-5; Chris, 10-5; Josh, 9-6; Joe, 8-7 Todd and yours truly getting together this week to unravel Week 1, and take a look at Week 2.  Can surprises like the Jags and Rams sustain, or were they a flash in the proverbial pan?  And what about Kansas City?  Of […]

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#332: Phoning It In

Week 17 is also so tough to predict — the teams that are out of it might be dreaming of the off-season break, and the ones who are in have a sort of extra pre-season game.  Who knows what will actually transpire when the men hit the field? We do know for certain that a […]

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#297: Inglorious

We had some time off, but we’ve returned.  Lots to get to in this week’s show, with the end of 28 teams’ football seasons, not to mention the fantasy league, the coaching shuffles, etc., etc.  More than I can even express.  Get on this mother. https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks_012016.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (38.8MB) Subscribe: RSS […]