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#156: How I Met Your What-Now?

Bryan and I definitely *noticed* the same things about the How I Met Your Mother series finale, we just had the exact opposite opinion of those things.  Give it a listen to hear our feedback… We also recap and review the season finale of The Walking Dead, and we’ve got more praise for NBC’s About a Boy. Enjoy! […]

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#155: Happy Trails

Sorry for the tardiness on this one! Bryan and I got together in the evening on 3/27 to talk about the penultimate episodes of The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, and some other juicy bits.  We’ve got this week off while Bryan and his lady are in New York, so we’ll talk to you […]

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#154: Terms of Service

BRYAN IS GETTING DIVORCED. Yes, you heard that right — BryGuy and Time Warner are splitting up.  He’s had enough of their incessant monthly fleecing of his bank account, and he just can’t take it anymore.  I say, good on ‘im.  He’s better off without those bitches… Speaking of things we’re probably better off without, The […]

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#153: Have You Heard of The Wire?

Bryan and I open by catching you up on The Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother.  We also think that it’s probably a good idea for you to get out and see Jason Bateman’s new movie, Bad Words, as soon as it’s being screened in your town. Finally, have you heard about this show, Game of Thrones???  Bryan just […]

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#152: Clap Along!

Every now and then, Bocko & BryGuy are gonna surprise you.  This is one of those days!  We actually disagreed about last Sunday’s Walking Dead. Before that, though, we recap the Oscars, talking through the highs, the lows, the surprises, and the mispronunciations.  We’ve also got things to say about How I Met Your Mother, Parks & […]

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#151: You Want a Piece of My Heart?

Plenty of goodies for your sack this week from your best pals, Bocko and BryGuy. Both The Walking Dead AND How I Met Your Mother were worth watching this week — we haven’t been able to get exciting about the latter in quite some time. There are few fun mid-season premieres going on this week, so if you missed […]