Spidey 94, Season 3: Sins of the Fathers, Chapter 12

An interesting interlude with a surprisingly complex character, prior to the season 3 finale two-parter: submitted for your approval, it’s THE SPOT. Spider-Man the Animated Series Theme by Nstens1117 Podcast cover art by Robb Mommaerts https://bkoradio.com/spideycast/amazing-fans_ep81_spidey94-S03E12.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (69.6MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

Spider-Man and His Amazing Fans October 6, 2022 Jason Bock No comments

Spidey 94, Season 2 Ep 4-5

Marvel’s 90s animated worlds collide this week in the Spider-verse! Charles Xavier, Beast, Wolverine, and the rest of the X-Men guest star in this two-parter. Spidey is mutating. Who better to help him than the Mutants from Westchester? You just might learn the answer once and for all to the question: who would win in […]

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Spidey 94, Episodes 11-12: The Hobgoblin, Parts 1 & 2

In this penultimate arc of Season 1, it’s another debut for a Rogue’s Gallery villain, the Hobgoblin. It’s also looking like there are changes on the horizon in Pete’s personal life… perhaps (???). Buckle up for 40 minutes of web-slinging, pumpkin-bombing, double-crossing action. Are you Team Green Goblin, or Team Hobgoblin? Let us know!! “Hobgoblin” by spinneyhead is […]