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#338: He’s My Realtor

Fooled you. This ep basically got flushed down the digital toilet due the silent conspiracies of our technology.  We did our best to tease out the important bits via voicemail after the fact, though.  If you have particularly troublesome bowel movement on the horizon, you’ll have time to listen to these five minutes. Stay tuned […]

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#334: Rocket Science

The K-Bear hops on this week so we can talk one another through the state of the Green Bay Packers after another season in which they did not win the Super Bowl, but came close to playing in it.  How challenging are the personnel issues that the team faces headed in to 2017?  What should […]

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#311: No NFL News Whatsoever

The return from the BKO Radio summer hiatus continues with this little track that the K-Bear and I laid down on Satuday, 7/16.  Shit’s been a little nuts here at the Ponderosa, so we hope the chatter is still relevant for you. Noting the fact that the football season is looming on the horizon, we […]

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#310: Winners & Losers

Forgive the late posting — the K-Bear and I got together late last week to chat about the MLB draft, and the NBA and NHL Finals.  Since we taped, of course, Pittsburgh did indeed win the Stanley Cup.  Gordie Howe died.  Other shitty things happened. Give yourself a half hour to relax and listen to […]

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#309: Help Me Ronda

This week, Todd and I notice that the Brew Crew is still hangin’ and bangin’, and even climbed out of the NL Central cellar.  In the NBA, the Thunder from OKC have made things interesting, but there is one potential Finals combo that no one will be interested in.  Speaking of which, the 90s NBA […]

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#308: Three Mooks

Welcoming in friend of the show and newly-minted regular contributor R.C. Lorch, we chat about Brewers baseball, get the K-Bear’s take on the UEFA Champions League, continue to pick apart the Stanley Cup Playoffs system (with some help from Greg Wyshynski at Yahoo! Sports), and reassure ourselves that Golden State will definitely still win the NBA […]

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#305: We’re Dumb S.O.B.’s

It’s yours truly and the K-Bear on this week’s Drama Jocks show.  I give him the low-down on the status of the Brewers (not that bad, all things considered), he tries to explain the NHL playoff seeding (I think I almost have it now), and we commiserate on things Packers-related (not that there’s much at […]

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#304: Sporadacus

Hi there, how are you?  We’ve got a pod thing here for ya, four short weeks after the last one. Since it’s tough to play catch up, Josh and I just jump right in: checking up on the status of the Milwaukee Brewers after 7 games, we look ahead to what the Golden State Warriors […]

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#301: In the Parlance of Our Times

New time slot, same hot drama jockin’ action.  Josh, Joe, and I are chatting this week about the MLB spring training, Matt Forte, the upcoming college hoops post-season, Kobe vs. Michael, and the NHL season entering the proverbial homestretch. Join us, won’t you? https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks022516.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (30.4MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | […]