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#224: Of Mice and Microphones

Plenty of excitement going down this week as we break down the Brewers woes (just an hour before Mark Reynolds hit a grand slam against Ervin Santana), critique the Bucks position in the upcoming NBA draft, catch up on the playoffs of NHL and NBA vintage, and explain what deserves your attention in the NFL […]

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#223: Sexual Healing

Everything’s gonna be cool. We’re back at full force on this week’s show, which includes the Internet’s best sports commentary on such topics as: The NHL Playoffs and Minnesota’s ouster The NBA Playoffs and the inevitability of Miami vs. OKC The Milwaukee Brewers taking 2 of 3 from New York The best Adam Sandler movies […]

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#221: A Wild Wednesday

In the hours that followed this week’s taping, we know that the Minnesota Wild bested the Avalanche out in Denver in Game 7.  Still, we recap the excitement of Game 6 as we move toward the conference semifinals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs… We’ve also got updates for you on the NBA post-season, including the […]

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#220: The Worst Day of Josh’s Life

April twenty-second, 2014: a day that will live in infamy. Not only are the Detroit RedWings playoff hopes rapidly dwindling, but the Chicago Bulls frittered away their homecourt advantage in the NBA Playoffs, and the Brewers (gasp!) lost a game in extra innings after a yeoman’s performance from starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo. Join us, and […]

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#219: Day In the Sun

The spotlight weighs heavily on the state of Wisconsin as we go to tape on this week’s SportsCast.  The Bucks have been sold, the Brewers salvaged their series against the Cardinals, and they’ve got another foot of fresh snow in Superior.  God love those sick bastards living up near that lake… Josh and the K-Bear […]

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#218: Certificate of Participation

Sorry, gang — running late this morning, and not loads of time for notes…  This week, we’ve got: NCAA Tournament recap! Bucks Watch! Brewers update! NHL playoff outlook! Extra-tangy barbecue! Have a great weekend. https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks040914.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (32.3MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

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#217: I Like Olives. I Can Fold Towels.

[youtube http://youtu.be/0yQNY_7tLWs] Lots of baseball chatter this week, as the season opens across the Majors… I’ve got feedback on the Brewers’ home opener from Monday, we’ve got opinions about Ryan Braun, and just to make it official: we have no hope for the Twins. Sprinkle a little NFL, NHL, and NCAA on top, and you’ve got […]

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#216: The Shrug

Hey, Twins fans – at least you’ve got the All-Star Game this summer. On this week’s show, we have to open it up with the bevvy of upsets that exemplified the first two (fine — three) rounds of the NCAA Men’s hoops Tournament.  With my bracket having been utterly destroyed by the performances of Duke, […]

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#213: Get Out Your Horses

Trade deadline time in the NHL, and plenty of action in that arena, quite unlike its pro-sports brethren.  Josh breaks it down for you while the K-Bear takes notes. We have a short update for you from Brewers camp — good news is that Hank should be just fine; he’s officially listed day-to-day. Packers are […]