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#204: Best of the Worst

We comb through the Packers’ division-winning victory over the Bears in some detail, with Josh offering up a list of all his most controversial calls that may or may not have had any direct effect on the outcome of the game.  We’ll let you decide. Now that we’ve reached the NFL post-season, we’ve also got […]

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#179: Bat Sh*t

I rail into Josh a little bit early in the podcast for going on a Chicken Little Brewers/Ryan Braun diatribe.  The whole business has everyone in Brew Crew nation a bit heated, even if he or she won’t outwardly admit it. Either way, we dig for some positive morsels as we stand on the precipice […]

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#177: It Tolls for Thee

Josh opens up the show this week with the observation of three celebrity passings from June 19, reinforcing the fact that none of us are long for this world.  So, why not enjoy some sports? We catch up on the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, respectively (of course Miami has since won in the NBA). […]

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#176: Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Josh

We’re down a K-Bear this week, so that means ample time for Josh and I to delve into the NBA Finals, more on the state of the Bucks, and examine the Brewers situation from multiple angles: (1) who are their All-Stars? (2) who’s coming back from injury and when? (3) who are the likely trade […]

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#175: Puck Luck

Back to a full three-man crew, we open the show by catching up on the state of the NBA Playoffs.  I question whether or not Miami actually has a coach.  I’ve never seen or heard of him, but I haven’t watched a lot of Heat games, either.  Josh has questions about the long-term fate of […]

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#174: _omething Mi__ing

Joe and Josh take care of the show all by themselves this week, as I had other obligations to attend to.  Ordinarily, I provide a synopsis in this space, but I haven’t listened to it yet.  How’s that for a wildcard, bitches? Anyway, it’s an hour.  Enjoy! https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks053013.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (36.5MB) […]

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#173: Fontlorian Visitations

Another drama jock pays a visit on this week’s show, as one Raymond Christopher Lorch graces us with his presence, and his Brewers acumen.  And my, my – what are the Brewers up to?  Nothing good!  Josh reminds us that things could be worse: they could be the Twins. From the gridiron, Josh’s mind is […]

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#170: Red Menace

Despite the fact that no team in the league has played a game since February, the NFL manages to dominate this week’s ‘cast, as we go to tape in the waning hours leading up to the Draft.  Obviously, the first round has since ended, but take a listen and see if any of our predictions […]