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#167: Idiot Box

Two idiots getting caught up on the TV shows of a couple comedians, and a whole bunch of idiots from TV giving each other awards are your topics d’jour.  Listen, drink, and be merry! Play in new window | Download (18.1MB) Subscribe: RSS | More

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#166: I Prefer the Sex

Bryan and I have had better things to do for a large portion of the summer than watch TV, but we’re still here to offer you a nugget or two of critical wisdom. This week, we review the new album from Bleachers, Strange Desire.  We also started to get caught up on the recently-concluded 4th season […]

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#159: Running Up That Hill

It’s done — Bryan’s divorce from cable has been finalized.  Let me just say this to you, our faithful listeners: if it costs you ONE HUNDRED SIXTY DOLLARS EVERY MONTH just to watch TV, you are getting hosed, bent over, plowed, turned over again, slapped, gut-punched, tea-bagged, and tossed out into the street, naked. Beyond that, we’ve […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #97: Can’t Forgive Affleck

[youtube] On this week’s show we talk a little about getting ready for the Walking Dead premiere, review the week’s episode of Homeland, get some bad news from Bryan about one of our favorite TV shows, take a listen to the new Green Day album, and I offer Bryan a few ideas for scratching his […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #96: Overture!

[youtube] On this week’s show, Bryan and I talk about the ongoing new(-ish) TV season, with the premiere of Homeland on Showtime, and the latest episodes of Parks & Rec, The Office, How I Met Your Mother.  We also both had a chance to watch last week’s season 3 finale of Louie on FX. I have some strong words for […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #95: I’ll Give It a 6.8

[youtube] This week on the podcast, Bryan and I review the new albums from Ben Folds Five and The Killers (both released this month), and get caught up on the TV we’ve been watching, including a fantastic little 3-episode arc on Louie.  Consensus: David Lynch is a delightful comedic actor. In the context of the reviewing […]