Spider-Man and His Amazing Fans February 17, 2022 Jason Bock No comments

Spidey 94, Episodes 11-12: The Hobgoblin, Parts 1 & 2

In this penultimate arc of Season 1, it’s another debut for a Rogue’s Gallery villain, the Hobgoblin. It’s also looking like there are changes on the horizon in Pete’s personal life… perhaps (???). Buckle up for 40 minutes of web-slinging, pumpkin-bombing, double-crossing action. Are you Team Green Goblin, or Team Hobgoblin? Let us know!! “Hobgoblin” by spinneyhead is […]

Bocko and BryGuy March 10, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#238: The Charlie Brown of Tatooine

BryGuy and I get caught up on all the important stuff: Star Wars, the weird goings on at the Oscars, the fact that neither one of us completed that Oscar-viewing mission, the latest offering from friend of the podcast Mike Birbiglia, and my new television obsession (yes, of course it’s related to comic books; sheesh). Take your time, do […]

Bocko and BryGuy July 24, 2015 Jason Bock No comments

#199: Paul Rudd Is a Superhero

So, you can get Showtime on Hulu now for nine extra bucks.  What the hell. We get caught up on TV, Bryan highly recommends the new Pixar flick, Inside Out, we catch up on the Comic Con goings on from a week or so ago, and we remind you that Ant-Man is at a 79% […]