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#254: That’s a Man’s Job

Making idiotic predictions?  Please — step aside and let BryGuy and I take care of that for you. We catch up on the Golden Globe winners from earlier in the month of January, and do our best to handicap the Oscar field.  It’s funny how close “field” sounds to “feel,” because that’s basically the info […]

Bocko and BryGuy December 20, 2017 Jason Bock One comment

#252: Magic Space Wizards!

BryGuy is with us only in pre-taped form, but we still make plenty of hay between him, myself, and our buddy the K-Bear on this SPOILER-FILLED EPISODE that is all about The Last Jedi.  Seriously, there are so many spoilers.  Do not listen to this if you haven’t seen the movie yet.  Just don’t.  Wait.  Maybe see […]

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#360: A Little Cirque du Soleil Action

Josh and I twist ourselves into knots this week to cover every topic imaginable: fantasy football?  Got it.  Star Wars?  You bet.  The Walking Dead?  Uh-huh.  Baseball??  For sure. We even eventually get around to prognosticating Week 15’s slate of games.  Boy, do I ever make some ill-advised and idiotic picks this week.  Just horrifically […]

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Redux #209: We Have Felt All the Feels

This weekend, BryGuy, myself, and numerous other friends of the podcast will head out to theaters for the latest installment in the third Star Wars trilogy: The Last Jedi.  Look for a fresh episode some time on Sunday, the 17th, with our thoughts, reactions, and yes — spoilers. In the meantime, take a listen back to our […]

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#251: BM v. SM

You like movies?  You like thinking about movies, and talking about movies?  You’re going to like this episode.  We dig into Thor: Ragnarok, BryGuy does everything he can to *not* say that he hated Murder on the Orient Express, and let’s be honest: we’re getting keyed up for The Last Jedi, so there’s some chatter about that, too. Put us […]

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#248: All the Dumbest Crap

Latest news cycle got you down?  That’s understandable.  Frankly, if you’re not a little bothered by something that’s happened in that last–oh, I dunno–3 to 7 days, you’re probably not paying attention to the internet anyway. But for those of you who require a slight reprieve, let yours truly and the singular BryGuy (aka Ruff Wizard) take […]

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#247: The People, and the Difficulty.

Time for us to catch up on our small-screen viewing (and my one random toss-in of a movie in Alien: Covenant), and to touch base on the Emmy winners.  So many shows, literally not enough time to watch them all. Play in new window | Download (32.5MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS […]

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#242: The Gern and Charlie Show

Next week, the calendar flips over to the month of May, which means it’ll be summer movie season.  As has become the custom over the last decade, summer is the Season of Dominance for Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Expect much of the same this year.  You can consider our fancies tickled. Enjoy! […]

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#234: The Prequel We Wanted

Not much else to say this week: Bryan and I both got out to see Rogue One (like several million other people) last week, and we had a splendid time.  Join us for three-quarters of an hour to reflect on the plot, the characters, where it fits in the greater Star Wars pantheon, and the questions both raised and […]