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#254: That’s a Man’s Job

Making idiotic predictions?  Please — step aside and let BryGuy and I take care of that for you. We catch up on the Golden Globe winners from earlier in the month of January, and do our best to handicap the Oscar field.  It’s funny how close “field” sounds to “feel,” because that’s basically the info […]

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#238: The Charlie Brown of Tatooine

BryGuy and I get caught up on all the important stuff: Star Wars, the weird goings on at the Oscars, the fact that neither one of us completed that Oscar-viewing mission, the latest offering from friend of the podcast Mike Birbiglia, and my new television obsession (yes, of course it’s related to comic books; sheesh). Take your time, do […]

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#237: Shmorge Michael

BryGuy and yours truly back in the saddle this week with a discussion of the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, catching up on our Oscar-movie progress, BryGuy’s rants about the Grammys, along with a healthy serving of chuckles. Stick that in your pipe, Pfeiffer. Play in new window | Download (27.1MB) Subscribe: RSS | More

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#236: Operation: NOMINATE!

PURELY BY COINCIDENCE, we taped this episode along with our wonderful and insightful wives on some made-up “spouses day” fake holiday.  We would have loved having them along regardless, of course. But, the Oscar nominations are out, and that means it’s time to assess the field, make some early predictions, and game-plan for a month […]

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#217: Superfluous Bullsh*t.

Bryan and I get back on the horse this week with a full load to slog through, so strap yourself in.  We’ve got a quick Oscars recap, a proverbial doffing of the cap to George Martin, reviews of new albums from Ra Ra Riot and Elton John, and TV check-ins on The Walking Dead, American Crime […]

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#215: “I Didn’t Understand Any of That”

Bryan and I get caught up on some of the most pressing entertainment items of our day: the Grammys (sheesh), the return of The Walking Dead, the premiere of 11.22.63, and an update of our progress with the Best Picture nominees (Academy Awards less than two weeks away!). Have a little listen, and make your hump day a […]