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#300: Fetuses Are Hilarious

It’s the first episode of 2016, ASB (after the Super Bowl).  True to form, that means that our conversation meanders in and out of pro sports, but does really make a desperate effort to stay on task.  That’s part of what you love, though, no? This is the 300th time we’ve cranked this mother out, […]

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#298: “Back In MY Day…”

Things today just aren’t the same as the K-Bear remembers them.  Join us, won’t you, for a present-day rant about football, football coaches, great quarterbacks, quarterbacks who want to be great, quarterbacks who were great, baseballs, baseball rules, and things that just don’t ever change. Just don’t do it on our lawn. Podcast: Play in […]

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#254: My Sweet Bobo

Josh, Joe and I recount the feelings that Packers fans, Cowboys fans, and the rest of the league are having, respectively, following a tense divisional playoff round at Lambeau.  We do our best to compare with the last time the issue reared its head. On the other side, are the reports of Peyton’s demise exaggerated? […]

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#209: Cooter Riot

Helluva thing, defense.  It certainly served that football squad from Seattle well last Sunday.  We go over the particulars from the big game, such as they were, and toss around a couple of wrap-up items from the NFL season. After that, it’s the weekly Bucks Watch, with Milwaukee now bringing up the rear at 9-40. […]

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#208: I Can’t Hear Anything.

It all sounds perfectly normal to me. Well, it’s the week before the big game, and that means it’s time for one last NFL prognostication.  Who do we think is going to come away with the Lombardi Trophy this year?  The steely vet, Peyton Manning, or the young, fierce Seabirds from the Pac Northwest? Give […]