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#330: Broke-Ass Teflon

Person of the Drama Jocks’ Year Josh Schneider is present and accounted for this week — whatever we will discuss?  Some hot-stovin’ Brew Crew action to start, and then the sort of hard-hitting prognostication you’ve come to expect. Come for the laughs, stay for the buffet. https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks121416.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (39.3MB) Subscribe: […]

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#309: Help Me Ronda

This week, Todd and I notice that the Brew Crew is still hangin’ and bangin’, and even climbed out of the NL Central cellar.  In the NBA, the Thunder from OKC have made things interesting, but there is one potential Finals combo that no one will be interested in.  Speaking of which, the 90s NBA […]

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#306: Big Dramatic Studs

Say hello to Todd Lucas, a long-time listener and new contributor to the Drama Jocks show.  We’re a couple of Wisconsin natives exiled by circumstance to either side of the Badger State (he in Michigan, me in Minnesota), but we’ve still got plenty to say about the Brewers and Packers (not to mention a whole […]

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#305: We’re Dumb S.O.B.’s

It’s yours truly and the K-Bear on this week’s Drama Jocks show.  I give him the low-down on the status of the Brewers (not that bad, all things considered), he tries to explain the NHL playoff seeding (I think I almost have it now), and we commiserate on things Packers-related (not that there’s much at […]

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#296: Chicken for Everyone

Since this is the first Drama Jocks’ show post-Force Awakens, we have to start off with a few of Josh’s questions.  Please don’t be deterred, the football conversation resumes as normal in short order. Speaking of short order, that’s about how long until the Packers get bounced from the playoffs, despite this Sunday night’s outcome. […]

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#293: Separate But Equal Locker Rooms

We come down off the Thanksgiving bloating just in time to do it again with Green Bay and Detroit.  The K-Bear and I are disturbed, confused, befuddled, rendered speechless, or any number of any euphemisms you can think of to say we don’t know what to think about the once-mighty Packers offense.  Josh counsels patience […]