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#347: We’re Not Detroit!

(Nearly) all hands on deck for this year’s incarnation of the Preseason NFL Prognostication episode.  How many of these division and conference champ picks will come to fruition?  If history is any teacher, probably about half of them.  That’s a helluva picking average, so you may just want to give it a listen. We all […]

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#337: Sleepy Time

We were a little slow on the upload here, but no worries: the timeliness of this little nugget from yours truly and R.C. Lorch is unaffected.  Give us 40 minutes or so to amaze you with our collective questions and partial answers about the affairs of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club as spring training rolls […]

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#282: A Pace of a Different Race

Well, so right after we had a pleasant discussion last week about the relevance of the NFL’s preseason, the Packers had to go out make a real-life demonstration of that very situation.  So, is the preseason worth it?  We decide the answer to this question definitively, concretely, and decisively ((we actually do no such thing, […]

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#280: They More They Stay the Same

We were rapidly approaching “link-rot” status around here, but after a few weeks off, the Jocks are back in full effect. What did we miss?  The MLB trade deadline, for one.  I offer up some ideas of where I think the Brew Crew is headed in terms of their rebuilding project, give accolades to their […]

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#183: New Sh*t Has Come to Light, Man.

Ah, my triumphant return after a personal two-week hiatus from the Drama Jocks… Josh and Joe welcome me back as I regale them with tales of sleeping on the ground in Michigan, but after that, we get straight down to the business at hand: What is with these lying assholes in MLB on the PEDs?  Seriously, […]