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#217: Superfluous Bullsh*t.

Bryan and I get back on the horse this week with a full load to slog through, so strap yourself in.  We’ve got a quick Oscars recap, a proverbial doffing of the cap to George Martin, reviews of new albums from Ra Ra Riot and Elton John, and TV check-ins on The Walking Dead, American Crime […]

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#144: I See What They Did There

Welcome to 2014! You may not be aware of it, but chances are you missed out on some of the great new music that was released in 2013. Fortunately, Bryan and friend of the show Tom Harter compiled their annual Top Albums of the Year lists, and we share them with you this week. Get […]

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#126: New Beginnings

Summer is in full swing at this point, and as Bryan and I prepare to relax on the upcoming July 4th holiday, we get caught up on what we’ve been watching in the theater, streaming on Netflix, and listening to on Spotify.  We’ve got plenty of comments about Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and the re-imagining of […]