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#329: Balanced, But Not Great

It’s an apt description of a lot of teams this time of year: they look good in various ways on both sides of the ball, but over the course of 13 weeks, vulnerabilities have been exposed.  It makes prognosticating more of a challenge, and hopefully also adds to the drama of the individual contests. Here’s […]

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#289: F– Those Guys

Another week, another bath for Bocko.  Things are looking bleak for me in the prognostication standings this year, but everyone else is still hangin’ and bangin’.  The K-Bear and I are the dynamic duo bringing you this week’s phat ep, with digressions aplenty and thorough analysis of things we don’t know about — exactly what […]

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#254: My Sweet Bobo

Josh, Joe and I recount the feelings that Packers fans, Cowboys fans, and the rest of the league are having, respectively, following a tense divisional playoff round at Lambeau.  We do our best to compare with the last time the issue reared its head. On the other side, are the reports of Peyton’s demise exaggerated? […]

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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #164: The Ambassador

A lot more talk about international politics than you usually get from the Drama Jocks this week, courtesy of Mister Dennis Tiberius Rodman.  Thanks, Dennis.  We still think you’re a tool. Prepare yourself for about an hour of miscellaneous chitter-chatter, as we flit about from the NFL, to the NHL, over to get a little […]

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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #159: Anal Fistula

DO NOT GOOGLE THE TITLE OF THIS WEEK’S SHOW.  You have been warned. In the last couple days before the Super Bowl, Josh reveals his favorite douchebags in what he has deemed “The Douche Bowl.”  We debate the collective douchery, predict the game, and even have a few laughs along the way.  We also consider […]