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#248: All the Dumbest Crap

Latest news cycle got you down?  That’s understandable.  Frankly, if you’re not a little bothered by something that’s happened in that last–oh, I dunno–3 to 7 days, you’re probably not paying attention to the internet anyway. But for those of you who require a slight reprieve, let yours truly and the singular BryGuy (aka Ruff Wizard) take […]

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#243: Play This One on Your Home Hi-Fi

After taking some time off, BryGuy and I return to chat about the summer flicks (and a non-summer flick) that we’ve seen so far.  Lots of good, some mixed, all worth watching.  We also get into the stuff we’ve been listening to for the last several weeks, including my Summer of Radiohead.  Take a listen […]

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#242: The Gern and Charlie Show

Next week, the calendar flips over to the month of May, which means it’ll be summer movie season.  As has become the custom over the last decade, summer is the Season of Dominance for Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Expect much of the same this year.  You can consider our fancies tickled. Enjoy! […]

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#224: Magic Show

Might not be any BryGuy this week, but I called in some reinforcements to back me up and chat about X-Men: Apocalypse, the latest from Radiohead, and Game of Thrones.  Thanks to everybody who joined me!  Hope you enjoy. Best matrimonial wishes to the BryGuy and Jennette!!! Play in new window | Download (27.0MB) Subscribe: RSS | […]

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#221: Not Just a Silly Neurotic Jew

Looks like there’s just enough to keep us excited on the way to the theater this summer — take an hour-long sojourn through the coming attractions with me and the BryGuy. (P.S. – More to come in this space regarding the passing of Prince in the near future). Play in new window | Download […]

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#196: Jurassic Park Is Frightening In the Dark

I’m still not sure about this whole Jurassic World deal, and have not yet seen the film, but Bryan and I talk a little about very distant sequels.  I DID just finish the audiobook of the original Jurassic Park novel–a book that I loved as a kid.  I had some issues with in on the 20-years-later re-read. We listened […]