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#251: BM v. SM

You like movies?  You like thinking about movies, and talking about movies?  You’re going to like this episode.  We dig into Thor: Ragnarok, BryGuy does everything he can to *not* say that he hated Murder on the Orient Express, and let’s be honest: we’re getting keyed up for The Last Jedi, so there’s some chatter about that, too. Put us […]

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#192: I Wanna See Jon Hamm Carry a Whip

Bryan and I welcome back Adam–friend of the show and fellow summer movie buff –for a preview of the flicks you’ll want to scope out during the warmer months.  One is already in the books, and if you haven’t made it to Age of Ultron yet, make sure you take a look.  Then, strap yourselves in for […]

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#190: Training Day In Space

With BryGuy deep in the throes of matrimonial planning, I welcome in friend of the show and first-time guest Matt Harren on this week’s podcast.  Hope you enjoy the comic books and their corresponding movies, because we’re gonna hit ’em hard. Go forth, and enjoy. Play in new window | Download (26.6MB) Subscribe: Apple […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #83: Geek Life

Get out your geek hat, because this episode is chock-full. We talk over, around, and through The Avengers.  The new record-holder for US-opening-weekend-box-office-gross was enjoyed by both of us, to varying degrees.  It was bound to make this much money, of course, because they’ve been advertising it since 2008. I also took in a couple Oscar […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #58: Let’s Get Freaky

The biggest fall TV premiere week was arguably the latest one — featuring the debuts of Homeland and American Horror Story.  They are definitely the shows that made the greatest impression on me and the BryGuy, and we discuss it in this hour. We also are beginning to turn our attention the big screen, anticipating […]