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#328: Touch & Go

This is the time in the NFL schedule where everything gets dicey.  What we thought we knew headed into the season has long since been thrown out, and what we felt we had learned by the mid-point is now poised to be challenged.  We did all correctly pick the Cowboys to take out the Vikings […]

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#253: True Facts

We’ve been know to spout some bullshit on this show.  This week, we also include some facts.  Buckle up for a sojourn through MLB, the NBA, NFL, and the college bowl season. Stay thirsty, my friends. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (34.8MB) Subscribe: RSS | More

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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #168: Tit Willow

With the baseball season officially underway, Josh and I resume our typical Brewers conversations: Josh as the boisterous, raving madman, me as the calm, measured realist.  Strap yourselves in for another exciting six months. Elsewhere, we laugh out loud at the Cowboys’ contract extension with Tony Romo, and there is panel-wide agreement that Jerry Jones […]