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#356: That’s a Good Move

Herr Schneider and I dive into the Week 9 NFL picks, which you simply can’t do without talking over the flurry of horse-trading that happened prior to this week’s games.  Some teams deciding to “go for it” in 2017, others planning for the future, but all in their own little ways affecting the landscape of […]

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#345: Just Run Him Outta Town

Once a sports icon is used up, that’s what you do, right?  As our colleague Joe is fond of saying, “fuck that guy.” Welcome back, by the way.  Hope your summer has been swell.  In this ‘hood, we’re still holding a candle for the Milwaukee baseball squad, and during the course of this show, we’re […]

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#314: TED on Brett

The Big Three are back together this week (well, last week, technically), with plenty of chatter about the things tangentially related to sports: Hall of Fame inductions, game cancellations, class-action lawsuits, early retirements, and the Olympics.  Oh, it was a lovely time.  You should give it a listen. Podcast: Play in new window | Download […]

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#313: Post-Haste

The Brewers had to hurry up and change gears last weekend after their trade of Jonathan Lucroy to the Indians fell through.  It wasn’t as good as last year’s deal where the Gomez swap to New York was nixed and he ended up in Houston, but in the end, I think Brew Crew fans can […]

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#279: Trump 2016!

Light on topics, but thick on content — this is the best way I can describe our return to the virtual airwaves this week.  While we were off, the Packers had themselves a little Brett Favre Lovefest up at Lambeau.  As we probably predicted back when the divorce happened 6 or 7 years ago, the […]

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#261: Vy Nie!

Hey, spring training is here!  And just in time, the mercury might be on its way up this weekend.  Josh and I get started while the Brewers were engaged in their first Cactus League game against the Angels. Once the K-Bear hops on, we move over to the NFL, where the free agent season is […]