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#250: Time of the Season

The days are waning, my friends. As the calendar rolls inexorably toward the Winter Solstice, we’ve got less daytime hours, and more time to spend in front of the ol’ tube (or panel, as it were).  That being the case, me and the BryGuy have TV to catch up on.  Dig in for Bryan’s late […]

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#249: Still Up and Walking

BryGuy and yours truly have not gone anywhere!  We’re happy to come back on this first week of the new Walking Dead season to chat about the return of that show, make a quick horror movie list, and gab with speculation about the upcoming second season of Stranger Things on Netflix.  All exciting stuff.  All right here just waiting […]

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#247: The People, and the Difficulty.

Time for us to catch up on our small-screen viewing (and my one random toss-in of a movie in Alien: Covenant), and to touch base on the Emmy winners.  So many shows, literally not enough time to watch them all. Play in new window | Download (32.5MB) Subscribe: RSS | More

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#244: Bikers for Radiohead

BryGuy noticed a biker at a stoplight recently blaring “Creep” on his stereo.  So that was a funny thing. Mostly, though, we’re screaming in your earholes this week about the TV we’ve been catching and/or streaming lately (mostly streaming, let’s be honest).  Lots to choose from, plenty to enjoy.  Have a good time, and we’ll […]

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#240: We Don’t Just Make Spaghetti

Season 7 is in the books.  Bryan and I review the finale, the season writ large, and speculate on what’s to come.  36 minutes of delectable good times. Play in new window | Download (20.6MB) Subscribe: RSS | More