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#352: Satisfaction

A special bonus Drama Jocks show for you this week!  The Milwaukee Brewers 2017 season ended this past Sunday, and it was a surprisingly successful year for the Crew, despite being eliminated from the postseason in Game #161.  Fellow Jock R.C. Lorch gets on the horn with me to talk over what we liked and […]

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#311: No NFL News Whatsoever

The return from the BKO Radio summer hiatus continues with this little track that the K-Bear and I laid down on Satuday, 7/16.  Shit’s been a little nuts here at the Ponderosa, so we hope the chatter is still relevant for you. Noting the fact that the football season is looming on the horizon, we […]

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#282: A Pace of a Different Race

Well, so right after we had a pleasant discussion last week about the relevance of the NFL’s preseason, the Packers had to go out make a real-life demonstration of that very situation.  So, is the preseason worth it?  We decide the answer to this question definitively, concretely, and decisively ((we actually do no such thing, […]

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#280: They More They Stay the Same

We were rapidly approaching “link-rot” status around here, but after a few weeks off, the Jocks are back in full effect. What did we miss?  The MLB trade deadline, for one.  I offer up some ideas of where I think the Brew Crew is headed in terms of their rebuilding project, give accolades to their […]

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#279: Trump 2016!

Light on topics, but thick on content — this is the best way I can describe our return to the virtual airwaves this week.  While we were off, the Packers had themselves a little Brett Favre Lovefest up at Lambeau.  As we probably predicted back when the divorce happened 6 or 7 years ago, the […]

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#278: There’s Never Enough Chicken

After a week off for the holiday, we’re back to chat about the Brewers recent winning streak and what it might mean for upcoming player movement; we check in on the Milwaukee Bucks and their foray into free agency; it’s also time to check out the Packers rap sheet; finally, did you see this soccer […]

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#277: What’s the 411?

Did you know that 411 was still a thing?  Josh can tell you all about it. We’ve also got the 411 for you on the Brewers, the Twins coming in to Milwaukee this weekend, some words of remorse after the murder of Darryl Hamilton, a 16-year-old female baseball phenom from France, the drafting of new […]

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#276: Ol’ Dangly Pants

It’s going to be a long summer if these baseball teams don’t do something interesting.  At least we could count on the St. Louis Cardinals to do their best Patriots impression this week and give us something to rant about. Of course we’ve got the wrap-up of the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, and even […]

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#275: Down the Stretch We Come

There are two finals series happening right now, but they are not the most essential things discussed on this week’s SportsCast — nono, sir, there is live-ass baseball to be discussed, along with horse racing (!!!!) and banana bread.  Yes, you heard me, banana bread. Lop off a slice and enjoy. https://www.bkoradio.com/dramajocks/dramajocks061115.mp3Podcast: Play in new […]