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The New

Just before Barack Obama took the oath of office, a new incarnation of the White House website went live.  We’ve talked on previous shows about Obama’s status as our “most wired” president yet– the depth and variety of media available through this new website and the various feeds that it offers demonstrates that the Obama […]

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Podcast #7 – The "O" List

This week on the podcast, Kyle and I ended up talking about some issues that the new Obama administration may (or may not) need to work on once he takes office next week.  We also talked about the nearly-innumerable number of social networks on the Internet, and how people in the 21st century will settle […]

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Lawmakers and Financial Experts Question Obama’s Tax Cuts –

Perhaps it would be good for people to vote the opposite of their particular ideologies.  In this case, we have a Democrat terrified of being portrayed as a tax-and-spender…so what does he do?…what any good Republican would…cut taxes. This after a Republican administration which spent as good as any liberal, but didn’t tax. Still, I […]