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One eReader to Rule Them All?

TechCrunch reporting on a tablet geared toward college students: We’ve talked about the textbook market on the podcast in the past… think this device will have a prayer?

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Twitter: A Waste of Time for the Masses?

We’ve talked quite a bit on the show about Twitter, what it’s good for, what it’s not, what it means, and what it doesn’t– today, I came across this interesting (and somewhat surprising) piece from the How-To Geek on how Twitter kills productivity unless you’re building a brand. Keep in mind, he’s not saying that […]

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The Original Podcast #17: Do No Evil

We cover a lot of ground on Google this week– is their stand on net neutrality changing?  With the demise of Wave, what does Google’s development model really look like now?  That and more changes in the Milwaukee radio market, on this week’s podcast. Also, we felt like you should definitely take a look at […]

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The Wave Is Dead

GigaOM on Aug 5, 2010 11:19:09 AM Google has decided to pull the plug on Wave, its innovative collaboration and communication tool. That’s a shame, because it can actually be a pretty useful product — as long as you can actually figure out what to use it for — and it showcased some big, ambitious […]

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Net Neutrality on Life Support?

Google and Big Red are close to reaching consensus on this issue, according the the NY Times. A little background on net neutrality, for those of us that haven’t thought about it in a while. Are we reaching a regressive stage of Internet development and innovation, or are we bound by the limits of our […]