Japanese Spider-Man (Marvel 616)

This week, Jason & BryGuy take a brief detour from animated Spidey, and turn their attention to the Marvel 616 docu-series on Disney+. The first episode is all about the creation and production of the Japanese Spider-Man series that ran from 1978-79. It wouldn’t be officially available outside Japan until 30 years later. If you’re able to catch it, take a look at this fascinating alternate interpretation of our friendly neighborhood web-slinger!

What was the first foreign TV series that really caught your interest? Let us know in the comments!

Show music: “Deeper Love” by Ben Clock.

“New Bot Day! Leopardon (レオパルドン) is a giant robot driven by 1978’s Japanese Spider-Man. Why?! Because comics are weird, and comics multiplied by seventies Japanese tv is even weirder. Do yourself a favor and look up it up!” by Joe Crawford (artlung) is licensed under CC BY 2.0