Spidey 94, Episode 1: Night of the Lizard

We’ve all made it! We’re here, starting what is arguably the most quintessential Spider-Man animated series of them all, which we will affectionately call Spidey 94.

This iteration has plenty of familiar faces from the webslinger’s earliest days, but also no shortage of popular contemporary characters pulled straight out of the Marvel comics’ canon. We get going with one of the most well-known Spider-villains, The Lizard, aka Peter Parker’s genetics professor, Curt Connors.

Quite seriously, how do you pronounce the word “aunt”? Is it ‘AHHH-NT,’ or ‘ant’ (like the bug)? Give a holler and let us know.

“Lizard” by timdeer is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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