Spidey 94, Season 4: Partners In Danger, Chapters 6 and 7

It’s a SUPER-SIZED podcast covering BOTH episodes of the Partners In Danger Morbius arc!

If you really dig leech-handed, Saturday-morning pseudo-vampires, I’m sorry for how hard we rag on these eps. BUT: if you’re into undead-themed puns and jokes about Tommy Wiseau, then please enjoy this hour-long ride.

If you had to pick one Spider villain (or ally!) that HASN’T been in Spidey 94 yet, who would it be? Shoot us a comment or email and let us know!

Blade, the Vampire Hunter (23289750924)” by greyloch from Washington, DC, area, U.S.A. is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Spider-Man the Animated Series Theme by Nstens1117

Podcast cover art by Robb Mommaerts

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