Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 1: THE WEDDING

One of the quickest engagements in Saturday morning cartoon history culminate here, my spider friends: Pete and MJ tying the knot–errm–web.

‘Nary a guest left off the list, too: Kingpin! Green Goblin! J Jonah Jameson! Black Cat! Scorpion! Doc Connors! Smythe! They. Are. All. Here.

And we’re so glad you are, too. Easy one this week, folks: what’s your favorite TV wedding, OR–better still–your favorite TV wedding that is rudely interrupted by a mentally unstable ex? This one’s right up there for me. But shoot us a note, or a comment, and let us know.

OKIMG_4131” by Claudio Marinangeli is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Spider-Man the Animated Series Theme by Nstens1117

Podcast cover art by Robb Mommaerts

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