Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 11: Secret Wars, Chapter 3

Well, these here Secret Wars are some wars that happened. They happened to Spider-Man, and to some other people, and one of those groups will be at the reunions, and the other group… will forget all about it.

Like pages torn from the comics themselves, though, we have Doctor Doom in his role as the Secret Wars’ true Big Bad and Final Boss, in the parlance of those times. Please disregard any similarity you see between Doom and the 45th President of the US, unless you’re some kind of masochist.

Which one was YOUR favorite Fantastic Four movie to date? I think mine was Doctor Strange 2. But shoot us a note, give us your feedback; it’s always appreciated.

Doctor Doom” by ewen and donabel is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Spider-Man the Animated Series Theme by Nstens1117

Podcast cover art by Robb Mommaerts

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