Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 9: Secret Wars, Chapter 1

It’s the opening of the penultimate arc in the Spidey 94 series, as our hero is transported to what is never actually called BATTLEWORLD. So that’s probably not what it is. But it’s kind of like that, in that certain events that happened on Battleworld in another time and another place will also happen here. It’s mildly confusing, but we’re here to guide you through.

We wonder if this was the intention with Madame Web’s character all along on today’s show, so let me also ask you this: when Diane Chambers started going out with Frasier Crane in season 3 of Cheers, do you think they knew then and there that he would be a series regular, let alone continue to be a character on television well into the next century? It’s worth pondering. Do let us know.

Vintage Spider-Man Novelty AM Transistor Radio, Power-Tronic By Nasta, Model No. 20006, Made in Hong Kong, Marvel Super Heroes, Secret Wars, Copyright 1984” by France1978 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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