I feel like I’m the only one (or at least one of a few) who are terrified by the concept of geolocation, especially for applications like foursquare.

The value it brings doesn’t supersede my concern about people knowing where I am at any given time.¬† There’s a lot I like to share with social media, but advertising when I’m not home is not one of them.

I’ve already given more info to big bro than I thought I ever would, but I cannot see myself bending on geolocation.

Am I paranoid, or is everyone else nuts?

One thought on “Geolocation

  1. I think this is one of those situations where we will start to look like the “old fogies.” You’re right, it’s a little creepy. Tagging where you are and having your phone or other devices sending constant updates to the Internet doesn’t feel right. There’s an evolution of what sort of information is private, and what’s public going on right now– sure, you’re not feeling right about sending an update on your location from your phone, but if someone you knew saw you out at whatever store or bar or restaurant you’re visiting, that wouldn’t be weird, right? When you’re out in public, your location IS public knowledge, to and extent. Now it’s just being shared with a wider public.

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