Podcast #25: I'll Wave, At Your Face

This is not our 25th podcast.  But, it’s been a while, so that sounded like a nice round number to get started again.  Kyle and I kick off our audio resurgence with these topics:

First, let me apologize for the rough (and I mean *rough*) audio quality.  Had some technical issues, but really wanted to get a show out to you (the export to mp3 didn’t go very well).  We mostly do this for fun, but we do appreciate you listening, and we want it to be enjoyable.

Beyond that, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Michelle’s debut on The Price Is Right on October 15 was EVERYTHING we expected it to be.  I had to admit that while seated in the audience at the taping, it didn’t quite seem real; we were just at a thing in a studio in Hollywood, and Michelle got to be on stage.  I think it comes down to how your brain has been conditioned to experience something: for me, The Price Is Right is only “real” when I watch it on TV.  I remember being excited and happy on the day of the taping, but when we watched the show, I was practically beside myself.  It was great.  I recorded in a few different formats, so if you’re interested in a copy, let me know.

Finally, just a bizarre coincidence: Kyle and I were taping the podcast while the nation was riveted to their TVs watching what they thought was a 6-year-old boy floating at 7,000 feet over Colorado in a weather balloon.  Hence, we missing out on the drama.