Podcast #9: The Index Card Edition

This week, Kyle and I tried out a new format– three topics, five minutes each.  The result is a relatively concise and compact show that hits on these topics:

  • Andrew Keen wrote a piece a couple weeks ago about what the folks studying the humanities at universities need to do to stay relevant in a 21st century economy.  We’re wondering, what is the purpose of this course of study nowadays anyway?
  • Seems all but assured that Sirius satellite radio is going bankrupt.  Did you notice?  Did you care?  What’s the problem with a pay-to-listen service, and where is radio in today’s media landscape?
  • We would not be the first ones to suggest that Twitter is the new Facebook.  But what is the movement about, really?  Is everyone just talking about Twitter because mainstream media finally picked it up, or is it really changing the way we interact on the web?  And what will come next?

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