The Effectiveness of Advertising

I realized how much the way I interact with ads has changed in the last couple years.

I think online ads work better on me, in part because I have the internet front and center, to do more research or get more details.  I don’t interact with my TV the same way.  This also serves to help explain why I know nothing about current advertising, because with TV I zone out, and I block everything on the web.

I’ve also noted that VERY old-style ads work like crazy on me: in the infancy of television, ads were woven right into the program, as live performers read their ad copy and pitched the sponsoring products.  If you listen to any of Leo LaPorte’s TWiT podcasts, this is exactly how they do it.  I have repeatedly found myself trying out those products or services, because they are being presented by someone I trust (Leo).

What’s your experience?  Does an ad in one medium or another have a better effect on you?