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#273: Something You Eat After Dinner

This week’s Drama Jocks program is a little truncated, but that’s all the better for you, who should be enjoying the outdoors this fine weekend.  Before you get to that, though, give us a listen to get Josh’s take on the coaching change for the Chicago Bulls,  some predictions for this year’s NBA Finals, an […]

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The New whitehouse.gov

Just before Barack Obama took the oath of office, a new incarnation of the White House website went live.  We’ve talked on previous shows about Obama’s status as our “most wired” president yet– the depth and variety of media available through this new website and the various feeds that it offers demonstrates that the Obama […]

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Podcast #7 – The "O" List

This week on the podcast, Kyle and I ended up talking about some issues that the new Obama administration may (or may not) need to work on once he takes office next week.  We also talked about the nearly-innumerable number of social networks on the Internet, and how people in the 21st century will settle […]

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Obama the Brianiac

A post from Andrew Keen on 11/25 talks about the difference in “branding” the Obama campaign versus the Obama administration.  I think that the Big O’s people have shown they know PR well enough to sell Obama 2.0 to everyone who ate up the first version… Of course, I thought of what the criticism from […]

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Podcast #5 – Don't Get Technical With Me

Kyle and I talked about a number of technology-driven stories, and it’s hard not to touch on the economy these days: Is the “new American frugality” worth talking about?  Are we even close to the proverbial bottom of our economic crisis? Barack Obama will be (if not our first) our most-wired president yet.  What does […]