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Podcast #9: The Index Card Edition

This week, Kyle and I tried out a new format– three topics, five minutes each.  The result is a relatively concise and compact show that hits on these topics: Andrew Keen wrote a piece a couple weeks ago about what the folks studying the humanities at universities need to do to stay relevant in a […]

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Podcast #6 – The Final Frontier

This week on the podcast, Kyle and I got together to talk with our friend Dave about issues surrounding NASA and the aerospace industry as a new presidential administration is preparing to take office, and our country’s financial future is as uncertain as ever.  Some notes for this week’s show: NASA’s Black Hole Budgets, from […]

The Original Podcast November 12, 2008 Jason Bock 5 comments

Podcast #4: The Post-Election Edition

The post-election news stops right there!  Kyle and I got together this week and somehow managed to find something to talk about besides the President-Elect.  Play it here or hit the link below for these topics: The Christian Science Monitor will be switching over to online publication only on weekdays.  How many papers will follow […]

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The Best Podcast We're Producing

Kyle and I got together for our first podcast on Tuesday night.  I think it went pretty well.  But of course, we’ll let you decide that.  We talked about some interesting items from the previous week in news, had a discussion about the implications of web 2.0 for media professionals, and of course we brought […]